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I am the other person who is having trouble with his Jeep that got worked on by Bruiser Conversions. I dropped off my Jeep last May and finally was able to pick it up late January. Ever since I brought it home, I have had problems. The first problem was that the transmission locked up on me, turned out that a shim was missing on the output shaft. Got that fixed but had to wait over a month to get it fixed. Also since I did bring it home the Jeep has been leaking oil and diesel fuel. Turns out that the tappet cover was leaking oil and the alternate oil fill connection was leaking. The fuel leak was coming from the throttle shaft on VE pump. On Friday the 15th I took my Jeep to a local trusted mechanic. We pulled the tappet cover to replace the gasket. After we remove the tappet cover the gasket sealing surface was corroded and pitted heavily. Now I am asking myself, am I going to have more problems with the engine, who did the Quality Assurance Inspection and if the inspection was done who signed it off. I am to a boiling point with these issues. I have pictures of the leaks and also a video of the diesel leaking. Seriously they had 9 months to get this right and did not. I take quality assurance to heart because of my job. I am a nuclear power plant operator. Honestly if I spend so much money on my Jeep that I would expect the job would be done right the first time. I have already spoken to Navy Legal and they have given me some suggestions to getting an attorney. Bruiser Conversions, here is another call out, you failed to perform a job properly, stand by for a letter of demand and/or lawsuit. I AM DOING SCREWING AROUND, I have one more year before I go to sea and would like to enjoy my Jeep before I leave.

Calling out Bruiser Conversions

Calling out Bruiser Conversions!

Well I cannot keep silent any longer. Bruiser Conversions, located in Clearwater, FL, known for some radical JK engine swaps as well as their truck conversions, is NOT A GOOD COMPANY.

Well I am here, as someone who has spent a boat load of money with them, to CALL THEM OUT.

In October of 2014, my I contacted Bruiser about an engine swap for my 2012 JKU. I originally wanted an LS3 but decided to go diesel instead. We decided on their ISF 3.8 Cummins conversion, which is their most expensive and complicated diesel conversion. In the end, the conversion cost me $30,762.50. They told me that the conversion would take 2 weeks but it ended up taking about 2 months and I was even yelled at over the phone for calling and asking for an update. After my waiting though, they called me and told me that it was ready to be picked up. So I made the trip down there and picked up my Jeep.

And ever since it has been a NIGHTMARE.

Firstly, on my way home from their shop after picking it up, the engine started blowing oil out of the valve cover and leaking out of the bottom of the motor. 2 weeks later I took it back down to their shop for the weekend and they claimed to have fixed it.

A week after I got it home, I noticed again that it was leaking oil. I took the Jeep back down to them and they kept it for around a month and a half. They claimed it was fixed, so I went and picked it up. I got it home and she ran well for a few months, but then my ECU and whole electronic system fried. So I took it back down to them again and they kept it for another couple of months and then I got it back. Ever since then I have had problems with coolant leaks and the fact that it blows coolant out of the coolant breather and oil is blown out of the catch can breather every time I drive it. In addition, the Jeep overheated every time I sat in traffic for too long.

In addition, the torque converter is screwed up and only locks in overdrive. The Jeep has no power and can barely hold 60 mph, and the EGT’s are way too high.

Then came EJS 2016. I towed my Jeep all the way to Moab from Florida for the Easter Jeep Safari. The day I arrived in Moab, the Jeep overheated going up the road to Sand Flats Recreation Area at 15 MPH. Then the next day it overheated again, and I had to bail from my Seven mile rim ride. Bruiser ended up taking a look at it and determined that the electric fan had stopped working. I ended up running Top Of The World with the people from Bruiser, and my power steering pump blew. So I was stuck on the 2nd day of EJS with no Jeep and Bruiser told me that there was nothing they could do about it. I asked them if I could ride with them since their conversion had failed in my Jeep. They left me behind and told me that I wasn’t “invited”. So EJS 2016 was ruined!

And this is where things get interesting…

So I have since learned from some insiders from Bruiser that they don’t have money to complete customer vehicles so they accept money from customers and put it towards another customers build or their own build, so many customer’s projects take much longer than they should. I have 2 friends that ordered JK Crews (Their pickup conversion) and one of them took 2 years to complete and the other one has been in their shop for almost 2 years and they still have not completed it. They refuse to talk to the customer and if the customer gets a hold of them on the phone they will yell profanities at the customer.

In addition, I have since learned that while I was promised and paid for a brand new Cummins crate engine, I received a used engine that cost a lot less than they told me. And i’m not the only one, I know of many more people that I have been in touch with that have had the same problems. They use the cheapest parts they can find, hoses and clamps that should never be used on an automobile. The motor mounts are 2 pieces of angle iron that have some 80’s style pancake mounts. They will not last 5 years. The problem is all the customers, including me, pay top notch prices and in return, they either refuse our phone calls or yell at us on the phone. And we pay for promises that they don’t keep. They will tell you that you are getting brand new top notch parts and they use the cheapest parts possible on their builds, and put all the money towards top notch parts for their own show builds.

I am not sure if there is anything else you can call it other than a SCAM. I am now taking my Jeep to a local Cummins Mechanic to have the whole conversion redone the RIGHT WAY. I am posting this to tell people out there that you should not be doing business with these people, you will find yourself in a bad hole.

Beware Bruiser Jeep – Jeff Garland


“I paid over $90,000 to have my 2015 Jeep JK converted to an LS3 supercharged monster that will 0-60 in 3 seconds.  I was assured it was possible and could expect it by Xmas.  I just received my Jeep 2/19/16 at 11pm via transport.  Even though I was expected it this afternoon I was happy to get my Jeep back.  I asked Jeff (owner) and Dave (manager) if there are any special instructions with the vehicle and I was told “just have fun”.

Upon unloaded the vehicle with Taylor (their hauler) we test drove the Jeep, initially we could not get it out of 4WD.  After 15 minutes of playing with the gear stick the 4WD light turned off and we decided to drive it a couple miles.  I noticed immediately that when I revved the engine it held between 3k and 4k on the tac and would not come down till I put it into gear.  I took the Jeep up to 4th gear and it would not rev down (with my foot off the pedal), Taylor and I agreed that something is very wrong with the Jeep and it should not do that, matter of fact it seemed dangerous.

Luckily we returned to Taylor’s hauler and I was able to rev down the jeep by downshifting and tapping on the accelerator.  I am very disappointed with my experience thus far and Taylor is returning the Jeep tonight.  I attempted to get a hold of both Jeff and Dave on their cells and text but there was no answer.  I was assured the Jeep was “ready for prime time” and was working perfectly.  I also requested that the rear camera be upgraded to my Jeep and It appears to be the original camera (this is minor in comparison but shows a lack in detail that I would not expect with a $80,000) build.

I will give Bruiser the opportunity to make it right before I take further action, if they do I will modify my review.  At this time I am very disappointed with Bruiser Conversions and especially because I recommended them to a good friend of mine who is in the process of spending $250,000 with them, now he is concerned.  To be continued… ”


Find Another Jeep Shop!

DO NOT GO TO JEFF’s JEEP (JUNK) YARD! I spent a ton of money here and in the end regretted the day I found this place. Look at the Pinellas County Clerk of Circuit Court website which shows how many times he has been sued then go to court records and type in Jeff’s Jeep Yard. If this still does not change your mind contact the state at Division of Consumer Services who regulate these places for the multiple complaints against him.


Jeff Garland Bruiser Conversion – This guy is a crook!

Jeff Garland Bruiser Conversion – This guy is a crook! – To the man who said he had the absolute worst consumer experience of all time. I am sure I’ve got you beat. Jeff Garland is a crook. After a company called River Raiders in PA destroyed my Jeep , Jeff told me he wanted to “help me” bc that company had ‘taken his training and stolen his ideas’, so having my jeep there would allow him to prove this in a lawsuit against them. He said he was going to do amazing work and turn my Jeep into the conversion in should have been to start. When it was “completed”, he had a person test drive it about 5 miles then he demanded cash from me for 12000 dollars (charging me for things that were not even replaced). When I attempted to talk to Jeff about the work done, he refused my phone calls, refused to communicate via email and refused to repair their mistakes, althogh I had in writing from his company rep that they would pay for it all. I offered to do things the mature way and forget the attornies if he would just fix the problems he caused (My jeep won’t run bc the electrical work is so messed up, I have oil all over my engine when I told him not to do work on it if the engine was bad and although I was told the jeep was getting 34mpg, for the 3 hours it actually ran, i got 11mpg). So no response from the owner. HIs poor wife is at a loss for what to do and now I will be suing him for more than the original company if I dont get a response. DO NOT GO HERE. The only professional person at the company (greg henderson) quit because ..and I quote “I watched Jeff screw over one too many people. I tried to help, but he is a jerk and I can’t work for a man like that’.


Worthless – Stay Away!

Jeff garland is absolutely worthless. He pretended to want to help me after an old student of his destroyed my jeep. He made it even worse and demanded cash for it. The jeep dropped off at my house won’t even run after he demanded 12000 in cash and charged me for parts that he didn’t even replace. He is a worthless disgusting man and I will be suing the shit out of him.


To anyone who is thinking of using them to do any work on your automobile STOP they are the biggest liars you will ever deal with. I took my classic car to have a gear changed & they damaged my car then lied about it to my face & my wife’s face.
Before I had any work done I had Jeff walk around my car to make sure he saw no issues with it of which they were none since the car just came out of 3yrs restoration.
He said the car would be ready in a couple days. Well couple days went by no call. I called & was told that he received the wrong gear so he was waiting for it to be sent. then Friday I get a call the car is ready. I go to get it & the invoice is $300 more then agreed on. he then says to give him cash but I would not gave a check. then he tells me out of his deep concern about my car that he know a good body shop to fix the dent in the quarter panel of my car. I told him there were no such dents. this man is looking at me in the face & telling me this after he walked around the car before he took it in his shop to work on it.
bottom line save yourself the pain of dealing with such LIARS.


I agree that Jeff’s Junk Yard is a dealer that needs to be closed! They sell used parts as new, horrible business ethics and they continue to get away with it! I wish I did better research and located the bad posts, but instead bought a Jeep from them, only to find incorrect bolts used, duct tape holding parts together and spending more money for repairs then a new vehicle. They sell vehicles that are not safe and legal action needs to be taken against them

Extremely Unhappy!!!

Bruiser Conversions Is The Worst Place I Have Ever Dealt With. I Spent A Crap Load Of Money Here There Customer Service Ethics Are Rude And Obnoxious. I Got My Jeep Back And In Two Days All My Tires Were Flat Because The Mechanics At Jeff’s Jeep Yard Did Not Seal The Tires To My Rims Correctly! Jeff Garland Failed To Tell Me That I Needed To Upgrade My Front And Rear Axles To Support The Weight Of The 40 Inch Tires He Put On My Jeep So My Axles As Is Will Crack Like Tooth Picks! Luckily 4 Very Nice mechanics in NJ Told Me that If I Ever Take It Off Road Or Hit Large Pot Hole My Axles Would Crack Like Tooth Picks And Thankfully I Had Not Done Either Yet, So I Dodged That Bullet!!! Jeff Garland Assured Me That He Would Pay For Everything, Including Transport If My Vehicle Ever Needed To Be Serviced For Any Reason!! Jeff, Never Kept That Promise, Jeff Also Screwed Me On The Warranty By Stating In The Warranty That I Am Completely Responsible For Transporting My Vehicle From Upstate NY To His Shop In Clear Water Florida For Any Type Of Warranty Maintenance Or Service Which Costs About $25,000.00 Dollars And I Never Agreed To Any Of That! I Had To Fight Tooth And Nail For Three Weeks To Get An Invoice With All The Part # For My Vehicle Which Is A Disgusting Way To Treat A Customer!!! Jeff Refused To Pay $700.00 To Transport My Damaged Vehicle To The Nearest Repair Shop With The Proper Experience And Tools To Properly Reseal My Tires to My Off Road, Double Sided 3 Piece Hutchinson Rims! So I Had To Pay $700.00 Out Of My Own Pocket To Transport My Jeep From My Home To A Very Good Custom Truck Repair Shop In NJ Called Ok Four Wheel Drive And Tire! And To Top It All Off My Check Engine Light Came On Today So Now I Have To Take My Truck To The Nearest Jeep Dealership To Have There Mechanics Try and see What Else Is Wrong With The Aftermarket Hemi Engine That Bruiser Conversions, Aka, Jeff’s Jeep Yard Inc Installed In My Jeep! I’m Sure This Service Will Cost me At Least $200.00 to $300.00 more dollars If Not More To Have whatever Is Wrong Fixed! I Figure that Jeff’s Jeep Yard Inc and there Staff’s Neglect has now cost me $1000.00 if Not More In Repairs And Towing costs That I Have Been Forced To Pay Myself Since I First Received My Jeep Back From Bruiser Conversions/Jeff’s Jeep Yard Inc! Jeff Is Not Only An Arrogant Two Faced Snake Of A Business Man But In My Opinion His Half Assed Work Ethics Will Get Somebody Killed Some Day And In My Opinion I Strongly Believe That He Needs To Be Put In Jail And Have His Business Taken From Him!!!!!!!! On A Further Note I Would Just Like To Say That I Get No Pleasure In Writing A Bad Review But Bruiser Conversions/Jeff’s Jeep Yard Inc, The Owner Jeff Garland And All His Employees Are Just Disgusting People And Horrible Business Professionals And They All Need To Be Shut Down!!!!

Sincerely Erik W Mullaney