Extremely Unhappy!!!

Bruiser Conversions Is The Worst Place I Have Ever Dealt With. I Spent A Crap Load Of Money Here There Customer Service Ethics Are Rude And Obnoxious. I Got My Jeep Back And In Two Days All My Tires Were Flat Because The Mechanics At Jeff’s Jeep Yard Did Not Seal The Tires To My Rims Correctly! Jeff Garland Failed To Tell Me That I Needed To Upgrade My Front And Rear Axles To Support The Weight Of The 40 Inch Tires He Put On My Jeep So My Axles As Is Will Crack Like Tooth Picks! Luckily 4 Very Nice mechanics in NJ Told Me that If I Ever Take It Off Road Or Hit Large Pot Hole My Axles Would Crack Like Tooth Picks And Thankfully I Had Not Done Either Yet, So I Dodged That Bullet!!! Jeff Garland Assured Me That He Would Pay For Everything, Including Transport If My Vehicle Ever Needed To Be Serviced For Any Reason!! Jeff, Never Kept That Promise, Jeff Also Screwed Me On The Warranty By Stating In The Warranty That I Am Completely Responsible For Transporting My Vehicle From Upstate NY To His Shop In Clear Water Florida For Any Type Of Warranty Maintenance Or Service Which Costs About $25,000.00 Dollars And I Never Agreed To Any Of That! I Had To Fight Tooth And Nail For Three Weeks To Get An Invoice With All The Part # For My Vehicle Which Is A Disgusting Way To Treat A Customer!!! Jeff Refused To Pay $700.00 To Transport My Damaged Vehicle To The Nearest Repair Shop With The Proper Experience And Tools To Properly Reseal My Tires to My Off Road, Double Sided 3 Piece Hutchinson Rims! So I Had To Pay $700.00 Out Of My Own Pocket To Transport My Jeep From My Home To A Very Good Custom Truck Repair Shop In NJ Called Ok Four Wheel Drive And Tire! And To Top It All Off My Check Engine Light Came On Today So Now I Have To Take My Truck To The Nearest Jeep Dealership To Have There Mechanics Try and see What Else Is Wrong With The Aftermarket Hemi Engine That Bruiser Conversions, Aka, Jeff’s Jeep Yard Inc Installed In My Jeep! I’m Sure This Service Will Cost me At Least $200.00 to $300.00 more dollars If Not More To Have whatever Is Wrong Fixed! I Figure that Jeff’s Jeep Yard Inc and there Staff’s Neglect has now cost me $1000.00 if Not More In Repairs And Towing costs That I Have Been Forced To Pay Myself Since I First Received My Jeep Back From Bruiser Conversions/Jeff’s Jeep Yard Inc! Jeff Is Not Only An Arrogant Two Faced Snake Of A Business Man But In My Opinion His Half Assed Work Ethics Will Get Somebody Killed Some Day And In My Opinion I Strongly Believe That He Needs To Be Put In Jail And Have His Business Taken From Him!!!!!!!! On A Further Note I Would Just Like To Say That I Get No Pleasure In Writing A Bad Review But Bruiser Conversions/Jeff’s Jeep Yard Inc, The Owner Jeff Garland And All His Employees Are Just Disgusting People And Horrible Business Professionals And They All Need To Be Shut Down!!!!

Sincerely Erik W Mullaney