To anyone who is thinking of using them to do any work on your automobile STOP they are the biggest liars you will ever deal with. I took my classic car to have a gear changed & they damaged my car then lied about it to my face & my wife’s face.
Before I had any work done I had Jeff walk around my car to make sure he saw no issues with it of which they were none since the car just came out of 3yrs restoration.
He said the car would be ready in a couple days. Well couple days went by no call. I called & was told that he received the wrong gear so he was waiting for it to be sent. then Friday I get a call the car is ready. I go to get it & the invoice is $300 more then agreed on. he then says to give him cash but I would not gave a check. then he tells me out of his deep concern about my car that he know a good body shop to fix the dent in the quarter panel of my car. I told him there were no such dents. this man is looking at me in the face & telling me this after he walked around the car before he took it in his shop to work on it.
bottom line save yourself the pain of dealing with such LIARS.