Beware Bruiser Jeep – Jeff Garland


“I paid over $90,000 to have my 2015 Jeep JK converted to an LS3 supercharged monster that will 0-60 in 3 seconds.  I was assured it was possible and could expect it by Xmas.  I just received my Jeep 2/19/16 at 11pm via transport.  Even though I was expected it this afternoon I was happy to get my Jeep back.  I asked Jeff (owner) and Dave (manager) if there are any special instructions with the vehicle and I was told “just have fun”.

Upon unloaded the vehicle with Taylor (their hauler) we test drove the Jeep, initially we could not get it out of 4WD.  After 15 minutes of playing with the gear stick the 4WD light turned off and we decided to drive it a couple miles.  I noticed immediately that when I revved the engine it held between 3k and 4k on the tac and would not come down till I put it into gear.  I took the Jeep up to 4th gear and it would not rev down (with my foot off the pedal), Taylor and I agreed that something is very wrong with the Jeep and it should not do that, matter of fact it seemed dangerous.

Luckily we returned to Taylor’s hauler and I was able to rev down the jeep by downshifting and tapping on the accelerator.  I am very disappointed with my experience thus far and Taylor is returning the Jeep tonight.  I attempted to get a hold of both Jeff and Dave on their cells and text but there was no answer.  I was assured the Jeep was “ready for prime time” and was working perfectly.  I also requested that the rear camera be upgraded to my Jeep and It appears to be the original camera (this is minor in comparison but shows a lack in detail that I would not expect with a $80,000) build.

I will give Bruiser the opportunity to make it right before I take further action, if they do I will modify my review.  At this time I am very disappointed with Bruiser Conversions and especially because I recommended them to a good friend of mine who is in the process of spending $250,000 with them, now he is concerned.  To be continued… ”


Find Another Jeep Shop!

DO NOT GO TO JEFF’s JEEP (JUNK) YARD! I spent a ton of money here and in the end regretted the day I found this place. Look at the Pinellas County Clerk of Circuit Court website which shows how many times he has been sued then go to court records and type in Jeff’s Jeep Yard. If this still does not change your mind contact the state at Division of Consumer Services who regulate these places for the multiple complaints against him.