Getting a lawyer

I am the other person who is having trouble with his Jeep that got worked on by Bruiser Conversions. I dropped off my Jeep last May and finally was able to pick it up late January. Ever since I brought it home, I have had problems. The first problem was that the transmission locked up on me, turned out that a shim was missing on the output shaft. Got that fixed but had to wait over a month to get it fixed. Also since I did bring it home the Jeep has been leaking oil and diesel fuel. Turns out that the tappet cover was leaking oil and the alternate oil fill connection was leaking. The fuel leak was coming from the throttle shaft on VE pump. On Friday the 15th I took my Jeep to a local trusted mechanic. We pulled the tappet cover to replace the gasket. After we remove the tappet cover the gasket sealing surface was corroded and pitted heavily. Now I am asking myself, am I going to have more problems with the engine, who did the Quality Assurance Inspection and if the inspection was done who signed it off. I am to a boiling point with these issues. I have pictures of the leaks and also a video of the diesel leaking. Seriously they had 9 months to get this right and did not. I take quality assurance to heart because of my job. I am a nuclear power plant operator. Honestly if I spend so much money on my Jeep that I would expect the job would be done right the first time. I have already spoken to Navy Legal and they have given me some suggestions to getting an attorney. Bruiser Conversions, here is another call out, you failed to perform a job properly, stand by for a letter of demand and/or lawsuit. I AM DOING SCREWING AROUND, I have one more year before I go to sea and would like to enjoy my Jeep before I leave.

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