Jeff Garland Bruiser Conversion – This guy is a crook!

Jeff Garland Bruiser Conversion – This guy is a crook! – To the man who said he had the absolute worst consumer experience of all time. I am sure I’ve got you beat. Jeff Garland is a crook. After a company called River Raiders in PA destroyed my Jeep , Jeff told me he wanted to “help me” bc that company had ‘taken his training and stolen his ideas’, so having my jeep there would allow him to prove this in a lawsuit against them. He said he was going to do amazing work and turn my Jeep into the conversion in should have been to start. When it was “completed”, he had a person test drive it about 5 miles then he demanded cash from me for 12000 dollars (charging me for things that were not even replaced). When I attempted to talk to Jeff about the work done, he refused my phone calls, refused to communicate via email and refused to repair their mistakes, althogh I had in writing from his company rep that they would pay for it all. I offered to do things the mature way and forget the attornies if he would just fix the problems he caused (My jeep won’t run bc the electrical work is so messed up, I have oil all over my engine when I told him not to do work on it if the engine was bad and although I was told the jeep was getting 34mpg, for the 3 hours it actually ran, i got 11mpg). So no response from the owner. HIs poor wife is at a loss for what to do and now I will be suing him for more than the original company if I dont get a response. DO NOT GO HERE. The only professional person at the company (greg henderson) quit because ..and I quote “I watched Jeff screw over one too many people. I tried to help, but he is a jerk and I can’t work for a man like that’.


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